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The Invisalign® System is the invisible way to straighten your teeth, close up spaces and obtain a healthy smile. It involves having a series of clear aligner's custom made to fit over the patient’s teeth. This system can either have aligners that gradually are adjusted or are replaced by the patient every two weeks. This system will gradually move the teeth into perfect alignment. A computer program is used to generate the perfect fit. Adult patients with specific orthodontic uses can truly benefit from this system.

This system allows teenagers to avoid wearing metal braces and allows for the use of a straightening system that involves having a virtually invisible fit over your teeth so no one needs to know you are wearing them.

These aligners are removable allowing you to eat whatever you would like. You can also remove these to brush and floss your teeth as usual. This allows you to keep your gums and teeth healthy. They are more comfortable to wear, as there is no brackets and wires to irritate your mouth.