Benefits include:

  • Excellent option to replace natural teeth
  • Long lasting solution for patients
  • Speak easily because you will have no  missing teeth
  • Retains beautiful smile
  • No Slipping
  • Provides protections for other teeth

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth but may also be used to support false teeth. In healthy teeth, the roots of the tooth support it throughout its entire lifetime in the human jaw. However, occasionally dental problems arise and a tooth must be removed. When this happens, an implant is attached to the jaw by using a titanium screw to replace the root of the tooth. It acts just as a tooth root and remains attached inside the jawbone to support a crown.

​Dental implants are safe to use and are a well-established treatment plan for patients. Implants serve as natural support for your tooth and, if taken care of, will last a lifetime. Implants allow a longer and more natural solution then dentures, partial repairs or bridgework.

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