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Dr. Gormely,

Thank you for your donation to the golf tournament. Your donation will help provide the students of Stockbridge an enhanced education.


The Stockbridge Valley Education Foundation

Dr. Gormley,

Thank you for your support of the Stockbridge Valley Education Foundation. Your contribution helps students in so many ways. Thank you again!

The Stockbridge Valley Education Foundation

Creating Healthy Smiles

Dr. Gormley,

Our immediate reaction to your generous gift was surprise, gratitude, thankfulness and joy. We sincerely say thank you, thank you, thank you!

We also very much thank God that our dentist who takes such great care of our teeth also has a big heart fill of kindness and caring. 

We do spread your name to anyone who mentions they need a dentist. We tell them not only of your knowledge in dentistry, but the sensitive kind way you practice your craft. 

Thank you once again. God bless you and we hope you all enjoy this upcoming spring.

Bill and Lucy Burns